Rejuvenate an apartment before moving in, which loan should you choose?

Choosing to move into an old apartment can sometimes require rejuvenating it by carrying out work, or by improving the decoration.

But the heaviest works sometimes require to advance a large sum and to make a credit work may be the solution to carry them out without waiting. But which credit to choose? Depending on the situation and your needs, we guide you to make the best choice.



Redecorating several rooms such as bedrooms, living room or kitchen should not be taken lightly either.

Large installations

Work on large complexes such as heating, plumbing or even electricity often represents significant sums. But these works are often heavy and prevent any use of the apartment, so it makes sense to do them at the same time so that you can move in quickly.

• Heater

The older apartments can still be equipped with inefficient and polluting heating systems. Like for example a wood heating, oil heating, or even cast iron radiators. Coupled with poor insulation of the apartment, your energy bill may increase. Installing a more efficient, but also more ecological system is a viable long-term solution, even if the investment may seem significant at the start. Also keep in mind that heating and plumbing systems are particularly susceptible to frost in winter, so choose to do it between spring and fall.

• Plumbing and electricity

Like heating, plumbing and electricity are important jobs that take time and often take up space in the apartment. By doing them before you move in, you can save time and be less impacted by the inconvenience caused by them. In addition, it should not be forgotten that standards apply, especially for electrical installations. Some insurance companies may refuse to insure you if the electrical system in your apartment is too old and dangerous.

Coatings and walls

To rejuvenate your apartment, the simplest and most visible will be to redo the walls and floors of your new apartment. Most of this work does not require having too specific tools or extensive experience in the field, and you can very well do it yourself, and why not with the help of your loved ones, or by calling on a community of DIY enthusiasts ready to help others.

Redo the decoration

Redo the decoration

And if it was enough to simply redecorate your apartment to rejuvenate it before you move in? Whatever the room or rooms redecorated, updating your apartment is also a very good way to make it your own by personalizing it with your tastes.

• Bedroom

Dedicated to rest, the bedroom remains one of the rooms in your apartment where you will spend the most time. And beyond the choices concerning the floor and the walls, you can completely take advantage of your move in to change your furniture. And no need to buy new furniture, because you can resell your furniture on one side to finance new furniture. Indeed for several years buying second-hand furniture, or restored by individuals has been very trendy in addition to promoting sustainable consumption.

• The living room

True living room, the living room is both the room where you can relax, but also receive guests. In order for your apartment to best reflect your personality and your interior design concept before you move in, you should be careful to decorate this room well. You can completely furnish your new living room with your old furniture, or you can turn to associations that offer second-hand furniture and that promote professional integration. These allow people in integration to find a job while providing quality work for customers committed to a civic approach.

• The kitchen

The kitchen is also an important room in all accommodation. Even if it is small, kitchen designers are increasingly offering ready-to-install integrated kitchen models suitable for all sizes. If on the contrary, your kitchen is more spacious, you can take the opportunity to install a dining area with a table that will accommodate your family. You can save money by asking friends to help you renovate your kitchen, but also by using recycled materials. You can, for example, use several boards, fix them together to obtain an inexpensive and above all greener kitchen table.

Outdoor spaces

Outdoor spaces

Renovating the outdoor spaces of your accommodation well is both important for the safety of the people using them, but also for having a clean and neat space to accommodate guests. Whether it is high up with a balcony or more simply a terrace, maintaining them regularly will save you a lot of inconveniences.

• The balcony

A balcony is in principle located in height and it is, therefore, necessary to ensure that its installation is not dangerous, if you have any doubt, do not hesitate to call in a professional to check its condition. To redo the usable part of your balcony, you can have the help of a few friends to, for example, renovate the floor with new tiling. And if you need materials or tools, you can find on the internet specialized material exchange sites such as tile cutters at a lower cost. You can also find on classified ads sites, individuals who resell materials bought in excess for their own balcony.

• The terrace

In summer a terrace is always very appreciated to enjoy the beautiful days with family or friends. Whether to make a new one or to renovate the old terrace of the house in which you are going to move in, you can apply for a terrace credit. By planning the completion of work on your terrace in the spring, you can quickly take advantage of it in the summer, and thus fully enjoy your new accommodation in which you have just moved.

Get instant loan without Credit Bureau

If you need money immediately and quickly, but your Credit Bureau is negative, you will often face the problem that a German bank or credit institution will not grant you a loan. If the bank has too many negative Credit Bureau entries, the risk of default that always exists when a loan is granted is simply too high.

What is instant loan

What is instant loan

This is where companies from abroad, usually from Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland or Austria, are increasingly crowding into the market, which can provide customers with instant credit without Credit Bureau. These instant loans are usually consumer loans and installment loans, as are also issued by German banks with a Credit Bureau query.

Here, too, loan amounts of up to $ 3,600 are usually offered, and for two people in one household, up to $ 7,200. But an instant loan without Credit Bureau has both advantages and disadvantages.

The big advantage is that Credit Bureau is not queried here. The reason is not that these banks and credit institutions shy away from the risk, but that they are not a member of Credit Bureau and therefore do not receive any information. Since the banks are fixated on minimizing costs, they avoid membership in Credit Bureau, because this is not in vain for their members.

But: A test similar to Credit Bureau is carried out and there are a number of award conditions. The test consists of proof of income and proof of net household income. This is fairly easy to manage, because here, on the one hand, the expenses of a household, evident on the account statements or on rental contracts and contracts with suppliers of electricity and gas, and the income are requested by means of the last pay slips.

Immediate loan without Credit Bureau

Immediate loan without Credit Bureau

Payroll is also one of the prerequisites that must be met. Because an immediate loan without Credit Bureau information is only available to those who receive a fixed salary from a permanent job that has existed for more than one. Anyone who has just started a job (or several months ago) does not meet this requirement. The salary or wages must also go to a German current account – the meaning behind it is that if the borrower should fail, it can be attached if necessary.

In addition, the applicant for an instant loan without Credit Bureau must be at least 18 years old and a maximum of 55 (East) / 58 (West) years old, and must have performed basic military service or community service (or a comparable alternative service). Since conscription is to be suspended in the near future, this requirement can also be expected to disappear. German citizenship is mandatory.

There are also conditions according to which the applicant’s household must not be too large: Many people in one household increase the net household income (and above all the garnishment-free allowance) – and thus the risk of the lender!

An immediate loan without Credit Bureau is not necessarily more expensive than an installment loan from a German bank – the higher administrative effort for viewing the documents and for the risk of default can often be paid with an interest surcharge of 2 – 5% on the usual market interest rates in Germany.

The advantage of an instant loan without Credit Bureau information is that the interest is higher, but the costs are fixed. This means that fixed monthly rates that do not increase over the entire term are agreed upon when the transaction is concluded. The terms here are usually 24-36 months – for example, if you take out an instant loan without SCHFUFA information at 3,600 USD with an effective interest rate of 6% over 36 months, you will have to repay 3,816 USD in monthly installments at 106 USD.

Nevertheless, even if you urgently need money, you should be careful: the banks that grant these loans are not dubious, but unfortunately many credit intermediaries on the Internet or in daily newspapers: These promise instant loans without Credit Bureau for everyone, even though they are only as intermediaries occur and ultimately the bank always decides whether someone gets a loan or not. Nevertheless, fees or commissions are already charged for this – even with a successful conclusion there are often excessive fees for the “successful completion”.

How to get a Credit for driver ‘s license?

Having a driver’s license has many advantages. Anyone who holds a driver’s license can move around much more flexibly. Many also need it professionally. Anyone who has ever had to rely on public transport knows the disadvantages of not having a license.

Most drivers acquired a driver’s license at a young age, and some only take driving lessons at an advanced age to finally pass the driver’s license test. Regardless of the age group to which the person concerned belongs, many face the same problem – such a driver’s license is expensive, the financing has to be managed first.

A waiver is not a solution

A waiver is not a solution

Countless people have been pushing driver training for years because of the seeming lack of funding. The more time passes, the greater the internal hurdles that build up. At some point, the person affected then resigns from the lack of a driver’s license – somehow you can struggle through life.

However, this view is harmful. Your own ways of living are considerably curtailed. Getting around is limited, and social recognition is not exactly increasing in many areas.

People who can never jump in as drivers and who are constantly dependent on the help of others or public transport, put a strain on many relationships, regardless of the type. The list of disadvantages without a license could be continued as desired. Anyone who fails to finance it thinks too short-sighted.

Not everyone has the necessary change ready, but a credit for the driver’s license can solve the worries. The credit for the driver’s license enables the driver to complete the necessary driver training and the subsequent examination.

Reduce the pressure


The credit for the driver’s license not only has the advantage that the driver’s license is finally tackled at all. The required test is also made considerably easier. Anyone who relies on funding from friends, family or even their own scarce resources always has the costs of each individual driving hour in mind. The pressure during the test, in particular, increases enormously if only the costs have to be considered.

In particular, the practical driving test causes some serious difficulties anyway, after all, even small mistakes can lead to failure. Those who then have to be afraid of financing will increase the pressure immeasurably. With financing through the loan for the driver’s license, on the other hand, the financial burden is only abstract and foreseeable for the future. The psychological pressure is much lower in this way.

Find lenders


Since this problem of financing the expensive driver’s license has not remained hidden from the banks, there are numerous offers. No matter which financial institution the person concerned chooses to choose – overall, the applicant for a license is considerably relieved.

The monthly installments generally range from around USD 185 to USD 200 with terms that depend on the total cost of the license. Depending on the bank, interest rates currently range from around 4.10% in the best case to just under 8% in the worst case. Some offers are limited.

Roofing credit – public development loans and grants

With your roofing loan, you protect the value of your property, save energy costs and take advantage of low-interest rates. Despite 0.75 percent APR, there is even room for negotiation.

Our roofing loan advisor explains what is important for public credit support. In terms of content, it is also about the “small” roof loan for urgent roof repairs.

Roofing credit – public development loans and grants

Roofing credit - public development loans and grants

The roof of the house protects all the trades underneath. Defective roofs lead to considerable follow-up costs within a very short time. You can even permanently destroy the structure of the house over the course of a few years. The publicly-funded loan for roofing is not just about preserving the value of the house. Around 30 percent of the energy costs literally blow unrefurbished houses out to the roof.

Promotional loans and subsidies from the state for energy-efficient refurbishment start precisely at this point. The energetic renovation of existing living space is specifically promoted. In this context, February 1st, 2002 is the most important key date. Public development loans and grants are only offered for houses if the building announcement or the building application was submitted before the deadline.

It should also be noted that an approved specialist (energy consultant) is already involved in the project planning. The entire application process must also be carried out before the measures are initiated. (Note dates). Under these conditions, the energy-efficient renovation loan for roofing (151), the investment grant (430) and the individual measures (152) are ready for implementation.

Good Credit roof renovation programs briefly explained

Good Credit roof renovation programs briefly explained

The loan with program number 151 is interesting as part of the energy-efficient overall renovation of the living space. The Good Credit offers a maximum of USD 100,000 in promotional loans at an effective annual interest rate of 0.75 percent. Up to 27.5 percent of the loan amount can be granted as a repayment subsidy. The maximum repayment subsidy of USD 27,500 is dependent on the Good Credit Efficiency House level.

Program number 152 is ideal as a targeted loan for roofing. The promotional loan is geared towards individual measures. Up to 50,000 dollars could be applied per residential unit. 7.5 percent of the loan amount could be approved as a repayment subsidy. In addition, the grant should be applied for under program 430.

For current interest rates, a visit to the website of the Good Credit is recommended. However, the application for credit offers is not made directly to Good Credit, but via ordinary commercial banks. Online loan comparison is worthwhile, as some providers waive parts of your commission. The effective interest rate demanded by Good Credit does not have to remain the last word when it comes to financing interest rates.

Loan for roof repairs – finance cheaply without Good Credit

Loan for roof repairs - finance cheaply without Good Credit

Financing the loan for roof repair owners of paid real estate is particularly low-interest. Loan protection would be possible, for example, through an owner’s land charge. If the land charge comes first in the land register, the mortgage lending value would be exhausted up to a maximum of 60 percent, optimal conditions for favorable interest rates are given.

Another alternative would be to cover the roof without a land register. In this case, the property naturally counts positively in the credit rating. The purpose-built loan increases the value of the house. Real estate owners also mostly have a very positive credit history. When purchasing real estate, you have already proven that you are a safe repayer. Favorable interest rates are justified.

Online loan comparison is always crucial for a low-interest rate. Good credit comparison calculators only need three mouse clicks to compare all potential loan offers. Loan payments are particularly quick if a credit institution offers Videoident for identity verification. With a little luck, a roof repair loan applied for in this way can be in your account 48 hours later.

Financing roof ceilings despite scarce cash

The first few years after purchasing a property, the household budget is literally sewn-on edge. Owners of a used property can not do without the elementary maintenance work on their house out of the sheer economy. If the roof is getting old and is starting to leak, “patchwork” is not worth it.

At least repair the affected roof surfaces thoroughly. Replacing ailing bricks over a large area and fitting new bricks is the least that has to be done to maintain the value. For the loan search, however, the land register can offer little security shortly after the acquisition. In this situation, it is often worthwhile to request a loan through a reputable credit broker.

Despite a low level of property security and scarce liquidity, rescheduling in conjunction with an increase in credit could solve the problem. The loan for roofing creates sufficient liquidity for installment payments as part of the debt rescheduling due to long terms.

Credit for the wedding – a problem the appropriate loan volume

Are you planning your wedding? Big or small? Should a loan for the wedding ensure the financial framework? But you are not sure how much money you need?

We would like to present your loan offers that match your ideas. An installment loan may be an option, but it is not always the most appropriate form of financing. Find out which regular alternatives are possible and how quickly a “last minute” installment loan can be paid out.

Credit for the wedding – a problem the appropriate loan volume

Credit for the wedding - a problem the appropriate loan volume

The majority of couples have the prerequisites of good creditworthiness to receive a tailor-made loan for the wedding. Much more difficult than getting a loan in principle is the question of the amount of credit actually required. All weddings, whether large or small, still face the same challenge. The key question is how much money do the wedding gifts bring back.

In principle, this eliminates the total effort as a key measure of the necessary credit volume. In some cases, it is clear after the wedding that a loan was completely unnecessary. The bottom line was that cash gifts kept the bride and groom “free of charge”. In most cases, the newlyweds only make a small contribution to the celebrations. Determining the appropriate loan amount for serious credit planning is almost impossible.

Couples are wondering whether it might not make more sense to expand the overdraft facility as a loan for the wedding. After all, festivities have ended, there is still time to convert the overdraft facility into a low-interest installment loan. This variant would be conceivable, but not necessarily inexpensive from the perspective of financing costs. – But, with a good common credit rating, the banking industry knows low-interest alternatives to the overdraft facility.

Framework credit – finance at low-interest rates and flexibly

Framework credit - finance at low-interest rates and flexibly

Framework loans have a shadowy existence in Germany due to the lack of advertising. Hardly anyone knows a loan that is almost as flexible as an overdraft facility but is granted almost as cheaply as an installment loan. Taking a closer look at this regular loan model is recommended for anyone who wants to seriously finance unpredictable loan requirements. A credit line is applied for, similar to an installment loan.

A sensible credit line for the upcoming wedding covers every conceivable loan requirement without taking into account the expected monetary gifts. The framework credit account can be set up within a few days. The required funds are available in the checking account within 24 hours. In the best case, if a cent of credit was not required, the loan would not cost any interest.

Financing costs only arise for withdrawn funds. The interest rate roughly corresponds to an installment loan. The flexible repayment also speaks for the wedding loan as a credit line. Repayments can be made at any time and in any amount. To pay monthly would only be the interest costs actually incurred. Taking out credit for the wedding as a credit line allows maximum flexibility at the lowest cost.

An installment loan for the wedding – fast online loan

An installment loan for the wedding - fast online loan

Should the wedding only be pre-financed through the overdraft facility? Then after the wedding celebrations, the bride and groom are in a hurry to reschedule the overdraft facility. Compared to the installment loan, an average overdraft facility costs about five times as much interest. But, at least now the required loan amount is finally determined. With the clear numbers behind you, it is now a matter of discovering a low-interest offer that is paid out quickly.

Overall, a number of things have changed on the online loan market in terms of payment speed. Loans applied for at low-interest rates via a free loan comparison can be paid out within just 48 hours. Wedding credit is made possible by almost complete automation of the process.

Young people usually carry all the necessary technical requirements to use Good Finance with them. An option for video telephony via Skype is required. Every commercially available smartphone fulfills this function. Instead of several days before the legally binding loan application, it only takes about 30 minutes. Credit approval is thus possible within 24 hours. Approved credit would be paid out on the following booking day.

Good Credit – always the right loan offer

Good Credit - always the right loan offer

In theory, any free loan comparison could lead to the right wedding loan. We still recommend all couples to compare credit on Good Credit. The credit brokerage portal Good Credit has the best reputation for brokering credit in all situations. With the free credit comparison calculator, Good Credit provides a daily credit comparison that leaves nothing to be desired.

All relevant credit providers are actually recorded. Loans at special conditions would be possible. By the way, the free loan comparison also offers loan offers for couples whose credit rating is currently not getting a top grade. The credit for the wedding of a bank for difficult cases would be recognizable by the deferred credit check. From the perspective of the borrower, credit that has been successfully brokered is free of charge.

The requested bank pays a small fee for the loan brokerage service. Good Credit has another trump card for very difficult cases. The loan for the wedding would be possible from private. The decision to lend by private investors is not just economic thinking. The human component is often the decisive factor in bidding on a loan.

15,000 dollar credit – loans that create quality of life

Would you like to finance a 15,000 dollar loan with the lowest interest possible? In order to save costs, the purpose and the comparison of providers are in focus.

We invite you to an interest-saving trip. Discover how you can cleverly finance 15,000 dollars for your intended use, in line with your individual credit rating. It starts with publicly funded loan offers. In the end, the focus is on financial viability with a weak credit rating.

15,000 dollar credit – loans that create a quality of life

15,000 dollar credit - loans that create quality of life

People borrow around 15,000 dollars if they want to adapt their living space to the needs of older people. Even old steps can become an obstacle in old age. It is possible to shower yourself into old age without help. Provided that the bathroom was designed for the needs of older people. Unfortunately, the age-appropriate conversion of living space, even if only partially, is quite expensive.

Publicly funded loans from the Good Credit protect against high financing costs, despite the optional long term. The Good Credit program 159 specifically supports older people in their desire to be able to live longer independently. Up to a maximum of USD 50,000 promotional loans per residential unit would be eligible. Good Credit is currently offering the loan at 0.75 percent APR.

In addition, the 15,000 dollar loan would not only be financed at low-interest rates and without age limits, but there would also be funding options. For example, through the 455 grant program, up to $ 6,250 could be received by the state for measures to reduce barriers. With a grant of up to 1,500 dollars, private burglary protection per residential unit would be subsidized by the state.

Renovation loan without land register – flexible despite earmarking

Renovation loan without land register - flexible despite earmarking

Carrying out a home renovation creates a new quality of life and maintains the value of the property. Most credit institutions support the desire of a property owner to invest in value-preserving measures through particularly cheap financing. A renovation or renovation loan without a land register is a good example of this.

15,000 dollars in loan for renovation would be discounted without entering the loan in the land register. The registration costs are saved, even though the required interest rate is only slightly above the level of a mortgage loan. The interest rate is granted depending on the personal creditworthiness of the borrower. The creditworthiness of a paid house is practically always good.

The interest rate differential for a 15,000 dollar renovation loan is currently only around 0.5 to 1.0 percent of the mortgage loan. Another advantage compared to publicly funded loans is the flexible design of the earmarking. Of course, the focus is on a renovation. But, for example, when renovating the kitchen, the newly fitted kitchen could be co-financed at the discounted interest rate.

Credit over 15,000 dollars – car purchase

A loan amount of 15,000 dollars would be a typical credit line for the purchase of a new small or medium-sized vehicle. In this market segment, retailers are particularly keen to draw buyers’ attention through interest-free financing and low credit rates. Successfully, the advertising gives the impression that a 15,000 dollar loan could not be financed more cheaply than 0 percent effective interest.

That is true if the loan amount would remain unchanged. But, especially when buying a new vehicle, there is a lot of room for negotiation between the list price and the cash sale price. Cash payers can save 20 to 30 percent on the list price, depending on the model and brand. With a list price of 15,000, the discount corresponds to up to 4,500 dollars.

In contrast, the interest-free financing through the car bank, assuming 60 months, would only save 1900 dollars. Anyone can become a cash payer by using external financing. Without going into the noticeable difference in interest rates due to the significantly lower financing amount, with a little negotiation skill, 2500 dollars could be saved with 15000 dollars in credit.

15,000 dollars regular installment loan – despite a weaker credit rating

15,000 dollars regular installment loan - despite a weaker credit rating

Credit institutions do not always meet the desire for a regular installment loan of 15,000 dollars with open arms. Since the first dollar crisis, credit institutions are under pressure in several ways to only provide extremely secure loans. For one thing, loan interest rates are so low that banks can hardly make any money from them. Provisions for “bad” loans are effectively mutually exclusive.

The second aspect, to only grant very secure credit, is based on the changed credit requirements. Stress tests have been going through the media repeatedly in recent years. The passed stress test of German credit institutions shows nothing more than the result of a rigorous selection of lending. Not everyone can easily get a 15,000 dollar loan anymore due to his clean school and secure job.

A good alternative to continue to get regular credit easily is to apply for a loan with two people. Loans with a solvent co-applicant practically always meet the criteria for securities lending. Favorable interest rates and a simple credit procedure reward joint application for credit. A regular loan with a weaker credit rating would also be conceivable as a loan with a guarantor.

15,000 dollars loan from private – Good Finance

15,000 dollars loan from private - Good Finance

Another option to protect chances for installment loans over 15,000 dollars despite poor creditworthiness is loan offers from private donors. The credit portals Good Finance offer serious, uncomplicated access to private credit. Both loan brokerage portals enjoy an impeccable reputation.

15,000 dollars loan from private is realistic, despite weaker creditworthiness, from private. Private investors are not subject to the requirement of securities lending. You decide who is offered a loan. You minimize the credit risk in your personal portfolio by making small bids on various credit requests.

Credit without proof of wages and without Credit bureau.

For many people, financial shortages can arise in the short term. Means and possibilities are then needed to temporarily iron out a financial imbalance. However, those who have no money and no regular income from work quickly get into a vicious cycle.

Keep your eyes open for a loan without proof of wages and without Credit bureau

Keep your eyes open for a loan without proof of wages and without Credit bureau

Especially people without their own income have the problem that the debt trap threatens. If there is already debt and a Credit bureau entry is available, it can be very difficult to get a new loan. But a new loan can make sense if you don’t want to owe money to several creditors, but want to concentrate your debts on one creditor. 

If a household appliance breaks down at short notice, a replacement is often required quickly. If you don’t have the money, the first thing you think of is a loan. If you are in urgent need of money, you should not lightly conclude the first best offer.

The devil is in the details

The devil is in the details

Supposedly good offers often turn out to be a new debt trap. If you cannot borrow money from family or friends and are dependent on a loan without proof of wages and without Credit bureau, you should first go to your own house bank. They know their customers and may have a completely different relationship of trust. The biggest problem will be that you have no collateral. Not only income, but also real estate or other things with great material value come into question as security. Anyone who can offer real estate or life insurance as security will have better cards.

Many offers on the Internet

Many offers on the Internet

If the house bank should not decide in favor of the customer, the possibility remains to search for a suitable offer on the Internet. Here you will find information on products from other banks or offers that can be concluded directly online. Here it is important to compare very carefully and also to read the so-called “small print”. If you are careful here, you will not be disappointed in the end and will find the right financial injection.

Cash credit without credit check.

Many borrowers have difficulty with creditworthiness and therefore look for loan offers that work regardless of creditworthiness. Not an easy task, as traditional banks always require a good credit rating and many offers from free lenders are rather dubious or overpriced.

Anyone who is looking for a good cash loan without a credit check despite all of this has to look very carefully and carefully explore the possible offers. We would like to show here how this works and which options are available with regard to borrowing.

Why creditworthiness is so important

Why creditworthiness is so important

Creditworthiness is the most important pillar and security when taking out a loan. It says something about the economic situation of the borrower and thus proves whether there is sufficient creditworthiness to be able to pay the costs and installments involved in the loan.

Many borrowers underestimate this important aspect and think that they can easily service the loan even without a good credit rating. But the reality is usually different. Often it is not considered that the loan has to be repaid to the bank over many months or even years and that a certain sum of the income has to flow into the loan every month during this time. Financial shortages then quickly arise, which either lead to debts or contribute to the fact that the loan can no longer be serviced. Therefore, as a borrower, you should always be interested in the fact that the loan is only taken out if you have a good credit rating.

This is how borrowing works

This is how borrowing works

However, there are also situations in life in which it is not easy to do without a cash loan without a credit check. In which important financial decisions have to be made, which are only possible if the money required is quickly available.

This would be possible with a cash loan without a credit check. Due to the fact that the creditworthiness is poor, the cash loan without a credit check will only be given by one of the traditional banks and savings banks if a second borrower is brought in, who in turn has a good credit rating and thus builds a bridge to the bank , In this context, it would be advisable for the loan to be taken out at a local bank so that the cash payment can be made easily.

If you want to look for the loan with one of the free providers, you should make sure that no prepayment or no connection to insurance is accepted as a prerequisite. Such offers are mostly dubious offers that are not worthwhile and should be avoided.

By the way: If you have a very poor credit rating and only need a little money, you can also ask in a private environment whether someone can borrow the money. Usually, this works quite well and the repayment modalities can be regulated individually.